TEL Transport Main Body of Automatic Ceramic Production Line ( Pressing ) from China to Turkey

TEL (TOPLINE EXPRESS LOGISTICS) successfully arranged cargo by break bulk transportation for a client on 6th February, 2016. The cargo was the main body of an Automatic Ceramic Production Line (Pressing) @ 6200 x 2350 x 2750 mm / 88.221 mt / 40.07 cbm. As the supplier is in Foshan city, China (a city in the south of China), the cargo was transported by truck from Foshan to Shanghai port, and then shipped from Shanghai port to Tekirdag, Turkey.

TEL handled this heavy cargo (88.221 mt) professionally and efficiently because the shipment was due just before the Spring Festival in China. TEL made a lot of telephone communications with the supplier, the driver of the truck, and the port captain to avoid any delay at the port. Our client was very satisfied with the operation of the cargo. Pictures of the operation are viewable below: