Exhibit and Event Logistics

You are interested by China’s huge market and wish to exhibit your products in one –or several- of the increasingly numerous trade fairs and events held in China. And yet, you have always let the headaches of dealing with local complexities from far away stand in the way of your decision? Topline Express is the solution.

  • Exhibition, fair, meeting (with ATA Carnet)

Unlike general freight forwarding, the exhibit and event goods have higher demand of punctuality for pick-up and delivery. Exhibition hall, stadium and concert hall is not always available until its turn for your exhibition or entertainment. Besides, the location of trade fair or entertainment may have restrictions for traffic. But don’t worry. Our professional team knows how to solve these problems. We know the documentation requirement for ATA Carnet and will pick-up and deliver your goods strictly according to the time schedule.

Service Highlights

• Booth reservation
• Compliance assistance with documentation requirements
• Onsite assistance and coordination at installation and dismantling
• Booking of an interpreter
• Manufacture of displays, banners, graphics, signage (in English and/or Chinese)
• Translation and printing of sales brochures and promotional giveaways
• Accommodation & domestic travel reservation
• Return transport or transport to other exhibitions of exhibits
• Delivery of sold goods to their final destination in China

And because the success of a tradeshow really lies in the timely follow-up of the leads made during the show, Topline Express offers you assistance in that regard too. Following the plan of action decided upon with you, we will ensure that your prospects are getting the attention they deserve and that the opportunities opened during the fair are really being exploited to their full potential.