Customs clearance, transportation, lifting and positioning of imported machine tools

Our company has rich experience in loading, unloading, lifting and positioning of machine tools, we have handled several times of customs clearance, transportation and positioning of imported machine tools for customers.

When the cargoes were shipped from Germany to Shanghai Port or Tianjin Port, our company switched bill and cleared customs at the earliest time. After the customs inspecting and releasing, the goods were sent to the warehouse for unpacking, and then transported to other cities in China, such as Haikou, Nanyang, Kaifeng, etc, with suitable low-bed trailers.

After cargoes arriving at the customer’s premises, we arranged unloading and unpacking to check whether the goods are in good condition or not, then we used crane and the forklift to move the goods to the required place. During the period, the protection work is done to avoid damage to the machine tools and the surrounding, and the spare parts storage and on-site cleaning work are completed afterwards.

Taking into account the high value of the machine tool, we consider in the customer’s perspective. In addition to purchasing insurance for the customer and taking and archiving photos of the whole process, we also appointed staff to the premises to coordinate and supervise the on-site operation, for ensuring the whole business running smoothly and safely. Our customer shows satisfaction about this.